A visual metaphor of support and unity: two hands gently hold diverse cutouts of human figures. This image resonates with the discussion in the blog about the 12 benefits of emotional intelligence training for leaders and managers, emphasising the value of fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

12 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Training

How important is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital to be able to perform at your best. Studies have found that Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of job performance. 


What are the 12 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Training?
  1. Helps employees move to the next level
  2. Reduces workplace stress
  3. Teaches employees how to react to constructive criticism
  4. Helps employees conquer their fears
  5. Improves communication skills
  6. Enhances social skills
  7. Shows employees their limits
  8. Helps employees deal with change
  9. Increases sense of accountability
  10. Fosters better leadership
  11. Strengthens team or group cohesiveness
  12. Improves client service


Professionals and leaders who are masters of their EQ can create productive and positive work environments. They can navigate tricky situations and, ultimately, bring about better results and increase their success in the organisation.


What are soft skills and why are they important?

Soft skills are the prime differentiator between great leaders and mediocre ones, yet in a recent LinkedIn study, 89% of executives reported that it’s difficult to find people with soft skills. Virtually every soft skill—from conflict management to teamwork, communication skills to problem solving—is related to emotional intelligence.


How do you train Emotional Intelligence?

Over the last two decades, RocheMartin has become one of the most trusted names in Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness and leadership, and have created a suite of executive tools and helped some of the World’s most iconic brands adapt and flourish in the Digital Age, including Google  Oracle, Citibank, Optus and Johnson and Johnson.


FIREUP Coaching is the only training organisation in Australia with the accreditation to teach the RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence suite.


The RocheMartin platform is now used in more than 50 countries by over 2,000 Certified Practitioners and provides you with the tools and practical strategies to manage program delivery successfully and deliver ROI. The benefits of emotional intelligence are being recognised far and wide.


Where is emotional intelligence needed?

  • You’re a coach or consultant
  • A HR or Learning and Development professional
  • A Business Leader
  • or simply you have an interest in Emotional Intelligence,


Becoming certified in emotional intelligence will help you build the most in- demand skill today and one that’s scientifically proven to drive performance.

You already are, or you are looking to become an expert in the areas of Leadership Potential, Cultural Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellness and Wellbeing, Empowering Teams or even Recruitment and Selection.


FIREUP Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Training?

The first seed of what was to become FIRE UP Coaching ® was planted back in 1998. Since then, we’ve grown to become an Accredited RTO (RTO 22458) and Australia’s leading provider of accredited coaching and personal development training. RocheMartin have partnered with FIREUP in Australia to deliver their Emotional Intelligence Certification, the world’s most advanced system for measuring and developing Emotional Intelligence, and ‘Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace‘ in house workshops.


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