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The right Coach Training can be the difference between a Coaching business that’s just getting by and one that’s skyrocketing to success.

Become an Internationally Certified Executive Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach and create positive change and achieve extraordinary results with your clients.

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What’s at risk in choosing the wrong Coach Training?

We recognise it’s a big decision to choose the right program to invest in for your future.

The important of coaching accreditation

Investing in accredited coach training offers a distinct advantage, positioning you as a frontrunner in your field. Certified coaches hold a competitive edge over their non-certified counterparts, instilling trust and credibility in potential clients. With credentials such as an ICF Certification (International Coach Federation), you not only demonstrate your commitment to excellence but also continually enhance your expertise, regardless of your tenure in the industry.

Today, accreditation is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for coaches in various sectors, including corporate, governmental, and organisational settings. Organisations recognise that accredited coaches have undergone rigorous training, accumulated coaching hours, and met stringent standards, ensuring proficiency and adherence to best practices. Elevate your professional standing and expand your opportunities by obtaining reputable accreditation.

Coach Education and ICF Accreditation at FIRE UP Coaching

Unlock your potential with our accredited Level 2 ACTP training program. At FIRE UP Coaching, we’re committed to providing you with the education hours, mentor coaching, and performance evaluation needed to obtain an ICF ACC or PCC Credential, tailored to the course you choose with us.

With our ACTP path, achieving accreditation is seamless. Simply submit your program certificate and coaching experience hours with your credential application, and you’re on your way to recognition.

For those opting for non-ACTP training you’ll need to submit robust documentation to ensure your education meets ICF standards. You will then need to undertake additional mentor coaching and recording coaching sessions in preparation for a performance evaluation, all of which will be meticulously verified and included in your credential application, alongside your program certificate(s) and coaching experience hours.

Both ACTP and non-ACTP paths culminate in an ICF exam, solidifying your accreditation and setting you on the path to success.

Should you have undertaken your training elsewhere and need mentor coaching hours please reach out to FIRE UP Coaching, as we provide this service.

Understanding the ICF Credentials: ACC, PCC, and MCC

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
The ACC credential signifies a foundational understanding of the ICF Core Competencies of coaching, the ICF Code of Ethics, and the essence of coaching. It’s tailored for early-career coaches and professionals integrating coaching into their practice.

ACC holders demonstrate knowledge, skills, and principles fundamental to coaching. They must maintain their ACC status through ongoing professional development.

60+ hours of coaching education
100+ hours of coaching experience
10 hours of Mentor Coaching
Passing a performance evaluation
Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam

PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
PCC holders exhibit proficiency in applying the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Geared towards established coaches, the PCC recognises expertise in coaching practice and extensive client collaboration.

PCC holders must demonstrate ongoing professional development to maintain their status.

125+ hours of coaching education
500+ hours of coaching experience
10 hours of Mentor Coaching
Passing a performance evaluation
Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam

MCC (Master Certified Coach)
The MCC credential represents mastery of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. It’s reserved for seasoned coaches with a deep understanding of coaching principles and extensive client engagement.

MCC holders must continually demonstrate professional development to retain their designation.

200+ hours of coaching education
2,500+ hours of coaching experience
Holds or previously held a PCC Credential
10 hours of Mentor Coaching
Passing a performance evaluation
Passing the ICF Credentialing Exam.

To apply for the MCC Credential, candidates must hold or have previously held a PCC Credential and fulfil additional MCC-specific criteria. ICF offers two application paths for MCC candidates.


What is the AQF Framework?

One crucial aspect to consider when evaluating the quality of training is whether it aligns with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Established in 1995, the AQF serves as the national framework for qualifications in Australia and is overseen by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills, and Employment.

AQF qualifications undergo rigorous quality assurance through the Australian Government’s accreditation process. Look for the AQF logo or the statement “This qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework” to ensure national recognition and peace of mind.

Our Certificate IV and Diploma courses are part of nationally recognised training programs, offering vocational qualifications and credentials acknowledged across Australia.

It’s worth noting that only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have the authority to deliver nationally recognised training and issue qualifications or statements of attainment.

Why Opt for Nationally Recognised Training?

Choosing nationally recognised training ensures the highest quality qualifications that are universally acknowledged by industry and registered training organisations nationwide. With nationally recognised training, you can be confident in the credibility and portability of your qualifications across all states of Australia.

How are the Certificate IV and Diploma Programs Structured?

While certain qualifications, such as our Mindset courses, can be completed entirely through self-paced online study, the nuanced skills essential for coaching excellence necessitate a blend of face-to-face (online) live webinars.

Coaching mastery involves mastering listening skills, building rapport, decoding verbal and non-verbal cues, and more. It’s about not only learning but also actively applying acquired knowledge—a process best facilitated through interactive live training sessions.

Our Certificate IV and Diploma online programs seamlessly integrate facilitator-led webinars conducted on video-based platforms like Zoom, alongside self-paced learning via our sophisticated online student portal.

With a maximum of 12 participants per program, you’re guaranteed a small, intimate group setting conducive to personalised learning—a hallmark of our approach and a prerequisite for all ICF accredited courses.

What About Assignments?

Our Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching is structured to ensure the bulk (but not all) of your coursework is completed during class sessions.

Additional reading, podcast listening, and peer practice sessions are encouraged but entirely optional, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to suit your preferences and schedule.

Curious about our Online Coach Training Portal?

Here’s what you need to know about accessing and utilising this valuable resource:

Duration of Access: Gain unrestricted access to our Student Portal throughout the duration of your course and up to 2 years thereafter.

Key Features: Comprehensive Webinar Archives: Missed a live session? No worries. Our portal houses recordings of every webinar, ensuring you stay on track with your learning journey.

Clear Course Guidelines: Navigate your course requirements effortlessly with detailed, step-by-step instructions provided in both written and video formats.

Rich Supplementary Resources: Enhance your learning experience with additional resources, including coaching demonstrations and curated reading materials, all conveniently accessible within the portal.

Secure Learning Environment: Rest assured, our private learning portal is fully secure, safeguarding your data and ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Convenient Assessment Submission: Easily upload any required assessment materials directly through the portal, streamlining the submission process for added convenience.

Your clients deserve you to be the best Coach. What are your options?

Confident young business coach in formalwear standing in front of audience

10857NAT – Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching

Start: 29 July 2024
Experience real-world coaching training and assessments in a secure environment, including peer-to-peer practice and client sessions. Enjoy convenient online training and assessment submissions via our user-friendly student portal. Our 10857NAT - Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching offers a comprehensive pathway to your ACC credential with the ICF and is a prerequisite for the 11144NAT - Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring. This course equips you with a coaching qualification for your current practice or a new career, meeting the ICF Level 1 Coach Training requirements.
Business lady cheerful smile teacher or mentor, coach speaking in front of group

11144NAT – Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Start: 29 July 2024 - Parts 1-4
Our 11144NAT - Diploma of Leadership Mentoring and Coaching is designed for Leaders and Managers who integrate coaching into their roles. It is essential for Learning and Development Leaders, HR Professionals, Organisational Leaders, and Operational Managers leading coaching and mentoring initiatives. This Diploma includes the 10857NAT - Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching, ensuring participants have the necessary foundational knowledge and skills. The program meets ICF Level 2 Coach Training requirements.
Women soccer, football or team sports holding hands in unity, support or motivation in routine work

Mindset Coaching Part 1 and 2

Start: Anytime
Mindset Coaching Online is a self-paced course that offers a powerful technique for facilitating lasting behavioural transformations. Using Positive Psychology techniques, participants learn to instill a belief in the potential for change within their clients. This course serves as an excellent introduction to our 10857NAT - Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching, providing foundational insights and essential skills for success in the coaching field.

Ignite Your Career with Australia's Premier Coaching Provider

Established in 1998, FIRE UP Coaching® (RTO 22458) has emerged as the forefront provider of accredited coach training in Australia. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders and a commitment to integrating cutting-edge research into our curriculum, we’ve earned a reputation for authenticity and credibility unmatched in the industry.

Our coaching qualifications stand as a pioneering achievement, being the first in Australia to receive accreditation from both the AQF Australian Qualifications Framework and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

At FIRE UP Coaching, excellence is non-negotiable. All our coaches, trainers, and facilitators undergo rigorous professional coach training, ensuring they meet the stringent standards required for ICF Accreditation. As a proud affiliate of the world’s largest coaching organisation, the ICF, we remain dedicated to advancing the coaching profession on a global scale.

Experience the FIRE UP difference—our approach is experiential, collaborative, and designed to fully engage participants, ensuring a transformative learning experience like no other.

Join us and ignite your career journey today.

Student Success Stories

Online Course

“You'll learn a really powerful conversation that will help get people from where they are now to where they want to be...."
Graduate 2022
Certificate IV in Business & Personal Coaching

Brisbane Face 2 Face

“I have walked away with a whole new personal development plan and how to get more enjoyment out of life and achieve my goals..."
Graduate 2022
Certificate IV in Business & Personal Coaching

Melbourne Face 2 Face

“The FIREUP Coaching Certificate IV In in Business & Personal Coaching was an exceptional learning experience. The quality of the training was outstanding, and the opportunity to participate in interactive group sessions was invaluable. The skills I acquired during the program have been instrumental in my professional career, allowing me to excel as a coach and facilitator. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their coaching skills."
Richard Farrelly
Principal Consultant - Head to Head Leadership Development
Graduate 2018
Certificate IV in Business & Personal Coaching

Online Course

“I'm recommending anyone in leadership role to actually get accredited coaching, I'm certain a massive advocate of FIRE Up and the pathway to coaching accreditation and ICF Pathway."
Lyn Hawkins
Founder and Director Business Women Australia
Graduate 2021
Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

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Facilitator & Coach

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Facilitator & Coach

Becoming an Accredited Coach:

Your Journey Simplified

1. Reach out

Get in touch with us, and we'll provide you with comprehensive information about our range of programs.

2. Select Your Path

With new programs commencing regularly, simply choose the starting date that suits you best.

3. Embrace Training and Dive into Coaching:

Dive into our training sessions, where you'll acquire valuable skills and insights. Upon completion, receive your certification for the chosen program and begin your coaching journey. For those pursuing ICF Accreditation, training with FIRE UP Coaching will provide a smooth path forward.

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