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How To Become a Coach in Australia

Coaches who help people make big changes in their lives are in high demand in Australia. After getting proper training and certification, you can become a coach. Understanding the training programs and qualifications for coaching will ensure you gain important skills and make you more credible in your field. This article will guide you in understanding why getting a coaching qualification matters, what qualities you need to be a good coach, and where to find accredited training programs that can kickstart your coaching career in Australia.

Do I Really Need a Qualification to Coach?

The short answer is no, but the correct answer is a resounding yes! Coaches facilitate transformative change for individuals and groups. Although coaching is currently unregulated in Australia, and no qualification is required to practice, consider the risks associated with diving into the sensitive areas of people’s lives and businesses without appropriate training to guide and govern your practice.

Why Is a Coaching Qualification Important?

The holding of a coaching certification, earned through an accredited coach training organisation, sets you apart in these four key ways:

1. Skills: Accredited coach training programs give you training that equips you with a diverse set of skills and tools to competently handle the range of client needs.

2. Credibility: Having a coaching certification earned through an accredited coach training organisation has its way of setting you apart in these four key ways:
Skills equips you with skills and tools for competently handling a wide range of client needs. It indicates a commitment to professional standards and ethics and assures clients of your competence.

3. Quality Assurance: Accredited training programs adhere to strict standards set by industry regulatory bodies, like the ICF.

4. Global Recognition: Accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is achievable by qualifying with an ICF accredited training organisation. ICF accredited coach certification is internationally recognised, increasing the potential client base and job opportunities.

Did you know that not all coaching courses qualify you for ICF accreditation? In fact, not all training organizations offer a recognized qualification. In our next article, we discuss how to choose the right training course, from a suitably accredited coach training provider.

What Does One Need to Be a Coach?

Of course, it is important for a coach to be driven to help other people. Besides, certain attributes can assist you in making a decision as to whether a career in coaching is something you should really consider.

Coaching needs the ability to uncover a client’s identified driving behaviors, limiting beliefs, and core values. They must skilfully introduce proven coaching tools and techniques, especially to help the client achieve the desired outcome. ICF accredited coach training programs facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the human behavior drivers and provide tools for guiding the client in transformational change.

What is a core difference between coaching, as distinct from other modalities such as counseling and mentoring, is that coaches focus on guiding the client toward their goals. Training aligned with the ICF core competencies ensures that coaches foster client awareness while maintaining self-awareness to avoid influencing their clients’ experiences with their own behaviors, beliefs, and values. For a good read on the difference between coaching, counselling, and mentoring, check out this link.

How Do I Become a Coach in Australia?

Professional coach training offers various entry points, based on your end goal. Our Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching (10857NAT) and Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring (11144NAT) are both nationally recognised, and they serve as pathways toward a globally recognised qualification with the ICF. We outline the distinctions in our article ‘Best Coaching Courses in Australia.’

If unsure whether to embark on a coaching career, our Mindset Coaching Part 1 and 2 give the foundation in coaching, foster a growth mindset, and overcome limiting beliefs. It also offers a sneak peek into Day 1 of the Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching program.


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