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Neurocoaching has been around since the 1970s and much of what we knew worked was considered not based in science and hence discounted.  Fast forward to 2023 and process of people reconnecting to deep human experience is of the highest importance.

Neurocoaching tools help us as coaches in shifting a client’s experience of who they are and what is possible for them.

This new and updated course has been aligned to the latest International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies. 

FIRE UP Coaching founder and Neurocoaching Master Trainer, Kathy McKenzie will demonstrate the application of this valuable skillset and gift you with many techniques for transforming your clients and your own experience as you learn the importance of and means to reconnecting people to deeper human experience.

Our Neurocoaching course teaches the principles and implementation of several well established models to understand the power of language, parts and emotions and how to skilfully guide clients through the process of identifying emotions physically. You will learn the practical application of these powerful tools for incredible client results.


Learn the power of language using a Metamodel in coaching and aligning with the ICF Core Competency markers, explore deletions, distortions and generalisations using the Metamodel, learning the art of ‘nudging’ your clients to explore deeper into language.

Continue with the Metamodel, and be introduced to the inverse Milton Model and anchoring. Learn the art of incorporating Logical Levels Exploration and the Vision Walk in Coaching. Gain an understanding of parts and emotions and how to skilfully guide clients through the process of identifying emotions physically.

The course delves into the practical application of powerful tools which you can implement into your practice for incredible client results around beliefs, self-image and re-imprinting.

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The Skills and Training Incentive provides up to $2200 (GST inclusive) to jointly fund training to help individuals build skills to remain in the workforce longer.

FIRE UP Coaching® has had many people successful achieve the full $2200 towards their course

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