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Leadership Training - Better Leaders, Better Results

Empowering Leaders With Coaching Skills Is The New Way To Get Results.

Many organisations large and small now understand the effect that Coach Training and creating a coaching culture has on their “bottom line”.

Founded in 1998, FIRE UP Coaching® (RTO 22458) have grown to become Australia’s leading provider of accredited coach training. By collaborating with leading industry experts and basing all our course material on the latest research, we have come to be recognised as the most authentic and credible provider of coach training in the industry.

FIRE UP’s Coaching Qualification was the first of it’s kind in Australia to be accredited under both the AQF Australian Qualifications Framework and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

All FIRE UP Coaches, trainers and facilitators have had professional coach training and met the rigorous standards required to be become ICF Accredited. The ICF is the world’s largest coaching organisation and has been successful in its aim to advance the coaching profession globally.

With specialist skills in leadership development and coaching, FIRE UP Coaching integrates a coaching approach when facilitating workshops. This approach is highly experiential and collaborative and ensures full engagement of participants as well as an integrated model for feedback to ensure staff are embedding their new skills.

Increased Individual Performance

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Improved Team Results

With so many options in Leadership Training, what will create the most lasting results?

Let’s talk about the Roche Martin Emotional Intelligence Tool. The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) & ECR 360 represent the most recent development in scientific thinking on how you measure and develop Emotional Intelligence. The RocheMartin platform is used in more than 50 countries by over 2,000 Certified Practitioners. It is built on more than 20 years of the world’s leading scientific and academic research and supported by Roche Martin’s international normative database of 3,240 professionals from Europe, Australia, the USA and Asia.

The Emotional Capital framework provides you with the powerful strategies you need for building EQ in both yourself and your wider team. Emotional Capital uses Daniel Goleman’s triple focus model: understanding self, other, and the larger systems. A participant’s skills in each of these areas are assessed using the powerful Emotional Capital Report (ECR) identify 10 key skills.

There is no denying that theoretical knowledge has its merits – it can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through seeing it in the context of the greater whole and understanding the reasoning behind it.

The right balance between the theory portion of learning and the practical portion of learning, up to a high level of professionalism, is about up to 50 percent theory and more than 50 percent practical. When it comes to coaching, it is a must to have considerable time spent in the practical application. In the learning place this means the use of 1-2-1 and Triads for learning the art of coaching.

It’s not easy to select upon the many choices with diagnostic and psychometric tools around behaviour, personality and more.
In the Coaching space we use the HBDI (Herrmann Brian Dominance Instrument) identifies Leaders Thinking Styles. So, what does thinking have to do with results? Everything. How you think and process information influences your productivity, communication, decision making and problem-solving. When you and your team are aware of the thinking that drives everything you do, you can become more effective and efficient.

How often is training delivered, yet when the participant goes back to their daily role, the training can be forgotten or lost. Where possible we like to ensure a follow up process to ensure the Training “Sticks”. That’s why often we separate days between training blocks to ensure the participants have an opportunity to ‘practise’ their new skills before returning to the classroom. By seeing tangible evidence of the value of implementing the learning, it help to form new habits whereby the newly learned skills are incorporated into a leader behaviour.

A great way to check the quality of the training or course you choose is to see if it’s part of the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). The AQF is responsible for the national system of qualifications in Australia.  All AQF qualifications are quality assured through the Australian Government’s accreditation process. You can identify these qualifications by the simple inclusion of the AQF logo, or the following words: This qualification is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework. AQF certification gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a nationally recognised qualification.

Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) can deliver nationally recognised training and issue nationally recognised qualifications or statements of attainment. When you receive a Nationally Recognised Training you can be confident that your qualifications are of the highest quality and will be recognised by industry and other registered training organisations in every state of Australia.

Customisable Leadership Training courses

Provide the latest and most up to date coaching, leadership and communication workshops for your Leaders. Completely customised to support your specific needs and requirements.

The Effective Leader

Start: TBA
This 1 Day workshop is for the leaders who want to level up their leadership skills, to be more effective, to get better results and who want to become the type of leaders the future needs. Now more accessible than ever this workshop brings leadership training typically found in organisations directly to you at an affordable price.
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Coaching Skills for Leaders 1, 2 or 4 Day programs

Start: Anytime
FIRE UP Coaching is focused on training leaders to lead and communicate for optimal outcomes utilising proven techniques and frameworks.
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Conversational Intelligence®

Start: 26th July
Based on the work of Judith Glaser, learn the how of creating trust in conversation. Learning techniques to enhance rapport in any situation and understanding the neuroscience that sits behind behaviour.
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Emotional Intelligence (Roche Martin)

Start: Anytime
In House
Over two decades, RocheMartin is one of the most trusted names in Emotional Intelligence and leadership creating a suite of executive tools utilised by iconic brands such as Google, Oracle, Citibank and Johnson & Johnson.
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Team Effectiveness

Start: Anytime
In House
Learn strategies for successful and motivated teams and how to work more effectively with difficult situations.
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Customer Service Excellence

Start: Anytime
In House
Lead team members to embrace connecting with their customers and leaving a positive impact. This training addresses consistently deliver to engage positively with every customer.

Get Your Leaders Firing with Australia’s Best.

Founded in 1998, FIRE UP Coaching® (RTO 22458) have grown to become Australia’s leading provider of accredited coach training.
By collaborating with leading industry experts and basing all our course material on the latest research, we have come to be recognised as the most authentic and credible provider of coach training in the industry.

We’ve trained Leaders from:

Meet Our Team of Leadership Training Facilitators

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Director & Coach

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Facilitator & Coach

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Facilitator & Coach

Why Coaching in Leadership

1. Improved communications

Improved communications skills was shown to be the main impact from coaching at 37%, followed closely by Improved work life balance and Improved self confidence.

2. New generations expect coaching

77% Of full time employees have either participated in coaching or would consider taking part in coaching.

3. The key to unlocking performance

Of the respondents who were not aware of professional coaching they would consider being coached for the main reasons. 45% I want to maximise my potential, 44% I want to define the strengths and weaknesses within myself and 34% believe that coaching would enhance there business of career.

Australia’s Leading provider of Accredited Coaching and Leadership Development Training

What kind of results can you expect through providing coaching at work? The International Coaching Federation (ICF) reports these statistics on the benefits of executive coaching:


Explore how coaching can be the framework for successful change and growth at your organisation. 

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