Complaints and Appeals

FIRE UP Coaching® is committed to providing learners with the best possible learning environment, whilst maintaining continuous improvement practices.

Feedback from learners is welcomed and provides FIRE UP Coaching® with an opportunity to review and improve its systems and processes. All learners and staff have the right to have their complaint heard in an unbiased and impartial way.

A complaint may include the following:

  • Training delivery
  • Marketing or promotional activity
  • Personal safety /Workplace and Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Assessment decisions
  • Training and assessment resources
  • Fees and charges
  • Access and equity (including bullying, discrimination, harassment)

Procedures and responsibilities:

  1. The complaints and appeals policy is located on the FIRE UP Coaching® website and is freely available to learners, potential learners and the public. It is also located in the Participant Handbook which is provided to learners upon successful enrolment into an accredited FIRE UP Coaching® program.
  2. The complaint may be received internally from staff or learners, or externally by stakeholders or members of the public. The complaint may be in a number of formats; verbally (informal), in writing (either letter or email).
  3. The appropriate staff member is to attempt to rectify the complaint in an informal way through discussion and conciliation in order to avoid the need for a formal complaint.
  4. If the issue cannot be resolved in an informal way, then the complainant is asked to complete a formal complaints form. The complaints form can be completed by the General Manager on behalf of the complainant if it is warranted.
  5. The General Manager will review the complaint and make a decision on the best way to rectify the issue, identify and action any necessary corrective and preventative action, record outcomes on the Complaint Form, and commence documentation in the complaints register.
  6. The General Manager will communicate the outcome to the complainant, and if resolved close the complaint.
  7. The General Manager records details of the complaint in the Complaints Register and files the Complaint Form with all relevant documentation in the Complaints Folder. The General Manager will also identify any areas for improvement in the Continual Improvement Register. The management team will review the complaints and identified continual improvement mechanisms on a regular basis.
  8. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the General Manager shall convene an independent panel of three people, which may consist of a management representative, a relevant organisation representative and an independent person.
  9. The complainant shall be given an opportunity to present their case to the panel and may be accompanied by one other person as support or as representation.
  10. The panel will make a decision on the complaint and this will be communicated to the complainant in writing within five (5) working days of making its decision and the General Manager will record the complaint records.
  11. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the complainant has the right of appeal regarding the processing of the complaint to either the Australian Council for Private Education and Training ( or the National VET Regulator (
  12. Complaints will generally be resolved within 60 days of being received by FIRE UP Coaching® and the complainant will be kept informed of the progress as the complaint is being reviewed. If the complaint cannot be resolved within 60 days, the General Manager will inform the complainant in writing as to why the issue cannot be resolved in that time, and provide the complainant with an estimated date that it will be finalised.
  13. The complaints handling procedure will be reviewed every 12-24 months to ensure that it is current and meeting learner needs.


Associated documents

Complaints and Appeals Register Complaints Form

Participant Handbook

Continuous Improvement Register



General Manager – 21 October 2015