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Capturing one of the most loved training components of our 10857NAT-Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching, The Effective leader workshop focuses on understanding how we think and how this impacts our everyday life and specifically our leadership ability. In this workshop we use the world renowned HBDI assessment tool to accurately measure your unique thinking style and how we can use this to take our leadership skills to the next level.

When we understand our own thinking patterns and preferences we unlock a new way of viewing the world, a new way of processing information and a new way to work with other people. We are able to respond to everyday situations in a whole new way utilising more of our thinking allowing us to overcome challenges faster, lead others more effectively and become a leader of many not just a few.

As a leader to understand your own thinking diversity and preference allows you to adjust your approach to best match any situation meaning you are able to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Develop a higher levels of critical thinking and creativity
  • Communicate more effectively with others
  • Utilise your thinking strengths and unlock hidden potential

Thinking preferences are part of being human and we all have them, knowing how you think allows you to develop a deeper understanding why certain types of activities you find difficult while others you may find easy. Before we act, speak, make decisions or do anything in life we process the available information with our brains. Depending on how we process this information will determine how we act or react in every situation. Take control of your thinking and unlock your potential with this amazing tool.

The Effective Leader workshop is for the leaders who want to level up their skills, to be more effective, to get better results and who want to become the type of leaders the future needs.

This all inclusive workshop includes:

  • A personal HBDI assessment
  • Professional facilitation by a certified HBDI practitioner and Coach
  • Fully catered venue
  • Interactive activities
  • Digital cheat sheets
  • Digital workshop manual

Don’t miss out as places are limited

A little bit about HBDI

Whole Brain® Thinking, was developed by Ned Herrmann who first pioneered the study of the brain in the field of business while in charge of Management Education at General Electric Corporation’s world-class corporate university, Crotonville.

His first widely acclaimed book, ‘The Creative Brain’, traced the scientific and historical roots of his innovative Whole Brain® Thinking approach. In 1995, his ground breaking ‘The Whole Brain® Business Book’ (McGraw Hill) created a new benchmark in thinking styles research specifically as it applies to critical business areas such as leadership, productivity, sales and teamwork.

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  • Exploring the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument HBDI®
  • Complete the HBDI Assessment Tool
  • Understand Personal Thinking Preferences and learning styles
  • Recognise the thinking preferences of others
  • Develop effective communication plans
  • Understand personal frustrations and that of others
  • Build new networks with fellow leaders

The Effective Leader

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