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The most effective solution to get your organisation up to speed.

As regulations tighten and stakes escalate, one truth stands out: in an industry where psychosocial hazards can lead to accidents, turnover, and decreased productivity, fostering psychological safety safeguards lives, retains talent, and maximises productivity.

The directive is clear: it’s time to engage, it’s time to act decisively.

Legislation that has real benefits to building industry stakeholders

By prioritising mental well-being in the workplace, you’ll be:

– Building stronger teams

– Ensuring safer worksites

– Reducing turnover

– Driving unparalleled performance

In partnership with DataDrivesInsight, we’re offering you a solution—a solution born from the expertise of specialists like Abby Hunt. Abby’s journey from navigating workplace tragedies to pioneering proactive psychological safety measures has reshaped the way we approach safety in the workplace.

“This heartbreaking work motivated me to start my own business with my long-term colleague to work proactively with teams, organisations, and leaders to build psychological safety so that such tragedies could be avoided.” – Abby Hunt, DataDrivesInsight

Our partnership isn’t merely about ticking boxes or meeting compliance standards. It’s about revolutionising your workplace culture, empowering your team, and driving tangible results. Graduates of the stand alone Psychological Safety and Inclusivity (PSI) accreditation emerge with the capacity to deliver the PSI assessment and interpret the results to drive change within your organisation.

Having accredited leaders within your team is the most effective way to ensure you meet compliance.

“Accreditation offers the ability to apply practical, evidence based strategies to improve team culture, across all their teams, by enhancing psychological safety”. – Sasha Burnham, DataDrivesInsight

Enquire now to gain your accreditation and take the first step toward a safer, more resilient workplace – please email

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