Why Become a Coach?

There are several reasons why you may be thinking of a career change to become an Executive Coach, Business Coach or Life Coach. Maybe it’s for one of these reasons?

You genuinely want to help others.

Many people are drawn to coaching because they have a genuine desire to support and assist others in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges. Coaches provide guidance, encouragement, and accountability to help individuals lead more fulfilling lives.

You are seeking personal fulfilment.

Being a Coach can be deeply rewarding on a personal level. Witnessing the positive transformations and growth in clients can bring a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. It allows coaches to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives and contribute to their well-being.

You feel you have relevant strengths and skills.

As a profession, coaching lets you capitalise on strengths and skills such as active listening, empathy, communication, problem-solving, and goal-setting. If you possess these qualities and enjoy using them to support others, becoming a Coach can be a natural fit.

You like flexibility and autonomy.  

Coaching can offer a high degree of flexibility and autonomy. As a Coach you can choose your working hours, your coaching fees, and decide whether to work independently or as part of an organisation. This level of control over your professional life can be appealing.

You love continuous personal growth.

Being a Coach involves ongoing personal development. You will frequently engage in self-reflection, learning, and acquiring new tools and techniques to enhance your coaching skills. This commitment to personal growth can be stimulating and rewarding for you if you value self-improvement.

You feel an urge to be entrepreneurial.

Many Coaches choose to start their own coaching businesses, which presents entrepreneurial opportunities. Then you can create your own brand, develop a niche, and market your services to attract clients. This aspect appeals if you would love to be your own boss.

You enjoy connecting with people.

When you are running your own company, success as a coach often lies with the ability to develop personal and professional networks. These networks quickly widen and provide numerous opportunities to engage an audience. With the use of social media, the possibilities to provide expert commentary and connect with even larger groups are immense.

How do you get a coaching qualification in Australia?

It’s important to note that becoming a Coach requires training and acquiring appropriate certifications. It’s essential for you to have a solid understanding of coaching principles, techniques, and ethical guidelines to effectively support clients in their personal growth journeys.

How do you choose which coach training provider to enrol with?

There are many organisations that offer coach training programs and it’s important to do your research before you enrol.  Three key considerations when choosing your course include:

  • Who verifies the training organisations providing coaching qualifications? 
  • Does the course provide a pathway to accreditation with a professional coaching body?
  • Who teaches the course and what are the qualifications of the trainers?

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