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Emotional Intelligence Training 

FIRE UP has teamed with Roche Martin to deliver a range of Emotional Intelligence training solutions help individuals and organisations capture the benefits of Emotional Intelligence.

Equipping individuals and organisations with the skills they need to adapt to today’s relentless pace of change.

For over two decades, RocheMartin has implemented senior leadership programmes and trained HR and L&D professionals and Executive Coaches to become specialists in Emotional Intelligence by building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) into the workplace through innovative tools, training and programs that assess, develop, coach and evaluate emotional skills.

  • Assess the emotional intelligence skills of your teams using the world’s most advanced tool for measuring EQ, the Emotional Capital Report (ECR).       
  • Tailored coaching, workshops and training exercises to accelerate program participant personal development.
  • Ongoing measurement and tailored strategies for continuous EQ skills development.

RocheMartin’s Emotional Intelligence Training qualifies you to deliver a range of Emotional Capital Reports, the world’s most effective tool for measuring and developing Emotional Intelligence. It also includes the Train-the-Trainer course to qualify you to deliver The Emotional Capital Workshop.

This certification is worth 22.5 CCEUs.


Emotional Intelligence Training

The Emotional Capital Workshop Series of programs is centred around developing your workforce and improving their emotional intelligence skills.  We focus on generating business outcomes – increasing productivity, improving employee mental health, and helping your business adapt to change.
Combines science-based Emotional Intelligence training with expert-led coaching. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the 10 core competencies required for leadership success.

This seminar introduces the science of Emotional Intelligence and its relationship to performance and success.
Participants will leave with a solid understanding of emotional intelligence; how it drives performance and leadership, and how it can be built through focusing on ten key competencies.


  • Build the internal business case for EQ
  • Wider stakeholder buy-in and understanding of how it drives business performance
  • Commitment to leadership excellence

Using RocheMartin’s unique EQ assessment engine, The Emotional Capital Report (ECR), we’ll rapidly measure the building blocks that are scientifically linked to the behaviours of successful leaders.

For those taking the ECR 360 report, they will get a holistic view of their Emotional Intelligence.


  • Grounding in the 10 key competencies for professional & personal success
  • Self awareness of EQ skills at an individual or team level
  • Personalised 18 page coaching report to surface strengths and development areas


Get a skills benchmark for each individual with the ECR

  • Benchmarking – Every member of your team who undertakes EQ training with RocheMartin will have their EQ skills benchmarked with an initial ECR or ECR 360 report which takes just 10 minutes to complete.
  • Measured – This powerful profiling tool gives a starting point from which all future progress can be measured.
  • Feedback – During a confidential feedback session, you’ll be taken through the RocheMartin transformational process.


This involves a series of follow-up learning activities to help participants consolidate their skills.
1-2-1 & Group coaching supports the participant with building individual action plans for future growth.


  • Deepened understanding of EQ
  • Clear, measurable path to continued EQ personal development
  • Greater awareness of EQ abilities and practical ways to develop them


Receive tailored training exercises

  • Tailored feedback – An ECR 360 report will also include feedback and exercises tailored to each individual participant.
  • Instant and continuous development – This gives them a clear path forward on which they can continue to advance their EQ skills.
  • Supporting resources – Including a copy of Emotional Capitalists, an internationally acclaimed book describing the business philosophy of emotional capital.

Six months after the start of the programme, we recommend that all participants re take the ECR to establish the improvement in the 10 competencies.
We produce a report summarising the improvements and any recommendations to enhance EQ.

(Option) To scale training and support ongoing EQ development, HR and Learning & Development teams can become certified practitioners through RocheMartin.


  • Benchmarked results to measure progress
  • Tailored EQ development strategies based on updated ECR scores
  • Expert certified EQ practitioners capable of developing others


Failing to measure results is one of the biggest failures for leadership development programmes – as it tends to rely on participant feedback rather than specific targets. With FIREUP and RocheMartin, you can quantify the business impact through savings, sales, productivity and more. Whilst also gaining benchmarked 360 feedback, pre and post programme.

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Emotional Intelligence (Roche Martin)

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