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Coach Training in Organisations –

“At the end of the first module I came away just feeling so pumped up that I just wanted to share that information with everyone and was really keen to get it into our learning and development calendar at work. So taking as much from that first module into a half day building resilience program which has been really, really well received”

“This is not just valuable from a career perspective but everyone should do it form a personal perspective because I think just some of the things that you took away are so helpful in personal relationships as well”

“I came out feeling quiet empowered that how I react to situations is my choice”

Karen – Diversity & Inclusion, Learning Leadership & Culture


Coaching Services in Business – Hear what Sam and Craig have to say.

“we did sessions for probably 9 months maybe 12 months she came around and I can say that its one of the best things I have done in business because it makes you focus on the important stuff and what your spending too much time with and not enough in other areas”

“It wasn’t easy for me it probably took me a year to come around to thinking you know go and spend the money go and do, do it, do it. It will reward you in the end, what you pay for coaching will save you grief with employees, contracts, leasing with business and within business and it will affect your whole life and how you operate as a person”

“It’s not until you really start to focus on yourself internally and your company internally and you dissect it and spend all that time on it with the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing, that you can reach your full potential”

“So 20 years on still sitting here still kicking still in business, so I couldn’t guarantee that would have happened without the coaching”

Testimonial – Cathy Smith

Testimonial – Josh

Testimonial – Greg

Testimonial – Jeanette White

Testimonial – Lisa Targett

Testimonial – Lukas

Testimonial – Simon

Testimonial – Lyn Hawkins

Testimonial – Saif

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