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What is NEUROCOACHING and how does it relate to NLP?

Neurocoaching is the process of supporting clients to change their thought patterns. As a coach understanding the neuroscience behind your client’s decision making, behaviours and habits is essential in order to coach them to new ways of being and doing.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s and as the field of neuroscience has developed to provide evidence for what was often only anecdotal a whole new field called “neurocoaching” is evolving.

This 3 day workshop will be a combination of NLP techniques woven into the new Neurocoaching model. This program is a component of the FIREUP Coaching 10857NAT Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching and can be done as part of that program or for experienced coaches as continuing professional development. You will gain knowledge and understanding of key NLP tools and techniques as they were intended to be used, that is in the pursuit of excellence.

In this program you will experience the unique power of NLP to transform previously limiting experiences for yourself or your client, into catalysts for transformed futures.

As a coach adding “Neurocoaching” awareness to your skillset will allow you to support others to new levels of achievement and productivity in both their personal and professional lives.

Kathy is an ICF PCC and NLP Master Trainer. You will experience 3 days of immersion in Neurocoaching and NLP. Kathy has 20 years training experience and is known for her engaging and inspiring workshops.

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Program Agenda


Day 1 - Calibration in Coaching

To be covered:

  • Pattern Detection and Interruption
  • Understanding and using sensory representational systems
  • Calibration
  • Submodality exploration
  • Creating rich goal representations to motivate success

We will end the day with the Vision Walk which supports deep unconscious shifts in how people envision their futures.

Day 2 - State Creation

Advances in understanding how we create “stuck” states allows us to work with clients to get “unstuck”.

Common examples that arise in coaching consistently are:

  • Confidence (or lack there of)
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Performance anxiety
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Comparison to others leading to self doubt

You will learn techniques such as statelines and the Powerful Self Image to support clients to anchor deeply to positive resourceful states. This in turn helps them create new support beliefs and identities for themselves.

Day 3 - Aligning our Parts

We are very clear to make a distinction between coaching and counselling and have adapted these originally therapeutic techniques to the coaching framework. Support your coachee to understand
the head/heart/gut connection and to align themselves at an unconscious level.

This is what neurocoaching is about: getting connected at all neurological levels. In the Aligning Parts exercise you will learn is a blended process from the original parts work by Steve and Connie-Rae that was added to by Marilyn Atkinson. Kathy has then intertwined this with the Immunity to Change process from Robert Kegan and utilises mindfulness and hypnosis to make it a profound session. This is a process you can utilise in your coaching practise to bring about deep transformation shifts for people.

Day 3 Evening - Graduation

Day 3 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm will also include a FIRE UP Alumni Event and Graduation. This will be $50.00 + a coupon for a free drink. Register for the Alumni Event and Graduation below.


Date: to be advised


Current students:

Neurocoaching is part of your course – Catering will be supplied by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and a donation will be made which will mean a nominal cost for attendees of $90.00 + GST for morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

FIRE UP Alumni:

For past students wanting to refresh and get Neurocoaching on their résumé. Includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch as well as access to the new Student Portal – this will be worth 22CCEUs towards ICF reaccreditation $650.00 + GST.

Non-FIRE UP Coaches:

Includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch and access to Student Portal for 6 months after the program $1,495.00 + GST.

There is a maximum of 70 people, so book now to not miss out!

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