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Our expert facilitators partner with you to provide the latest and most up to date coaching, leadership and communication workshops. Completely customised to support your specific needs and requirements. Our training programs are designed for:

  • Leader as Coach
  • Leaders wanting to lead and mentor more effectively
  • Managers looking to engage and develop their staff through proven communication and coaching practices
  • Companies needing to instill resilience within all staff members
  • Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ©)
  • The ability to build trust in any situation
  • Team building and reducing conflict
  • Developing skills for career succession
  • Customer service
ACTP ICF accredited coach training program
ICF Accredited coaches for FIRE UP Coaching
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Workshop Options



Coaching Skills for Leaders – Using a coaching approach for positive communication outcomes and enhanced employee engagement

Emotionally Intelligent LeaderIdentify how to lead with emotional intelligence. Understand what builds a team that is able to self manage emotions and demonstrate emotional regulation as well as effectively conduct emotionally intelligent feedback

Conversational Intelligence©based on the work of Judith Glaser, the how of creating trust in conversation. Learning techniques to enhance rapport in any situation and understanding the neuroscience that sits behind behaviour.

Building Resilience in ChangeIncrease your resilience by understanding how to engage with people in a positive manner when working in a challenging environment. You will assess your own resilience then develop strategies to increase it, having an enormous impact on your personal resilience and capacity to cope with adversity

Customer Service – Lead team members to embrace connecting with their customers and leaving a positive impact. This training addresses the need for the team to all consistently deliver service in line with the Corporate values and in particular develop skills to: Engage positively with every customer, Understand the importance of impact touch points and Listen actively to demonstrate an understanding of the customer need.

Self Awareness – understanding own and others thinking, learning and communication preferences for enhanced leadership, team effectiveness and business outcomes

Communication Skills – how to communicate more effectively in any situation with anybody and achieve desired outcomes

Team Effectiveness – strategies for successful and motivated teams and how to work more effectively with difficult situations

Conflict Resolution and Optimism – understanding different models for resolving conflict and ways to build an optimistic culture

Whole Brain Thinking – how to develop creativity and potential by understanding thinking preferences and applying them to creative problem solving

Community Engagement – This workshop will take your capacity to interact and engage with stakeholders and members of the community to a new level. It will give you practical skills, useful frameworks and new ideas to apply to the strategic planning of community engagement.

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Duration of workshops varies based on your needs

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Coach Kathy McKenzie Certified CIQ©Our team is here with you every step of the way to answer all of your questions and support you.

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