Season 1, Episode 15

Power Over VS Power With



Last night I watched the interview of our new prime minister Anthony Albanese with Mark Riley with great interest.  Every person has their own unique leadership journey and when I work with schools they often distinguish self-leadership, little l leadership, and leadership of others as big L leadership.  We all need to reflect on how we lead ourselves and how we in turn lead others.

In this weeks podcast I discuss the interview as well as its link to the work of Mary Parker Follett.  Considered the Mother of Modern Management she pioneered the concept of power over vs power with. (no Brene Brown did not discover this!) Although she died in 1933 her work is still as relevant today as it was then.

Management theorist Warren Bennis said of Follett’s work, “Just about everything written today about leadership and organizations comes from Mary Parker Follett’s writings and lectures.”

If you want to know more about Mary Follett Parker delve into the references in wikipedia or listen to the podcast here.


Kath McKinzie  

– CEO at FIRE UP Coaching, Accredited Mater Coach, Leading Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner NLP, HBDI Practitioner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Passionate Entrepreneur 

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