Season 1, Episode 4

How To Rock Positive Social Change


Listen in as Kath catches up with a former coaching student that found clarity through coaching and went on to make positive social changeon a global scale. This conversation brings light on how oneperson can make a global impact with the right approach to implementation and her amazing newbook “Rock Your Roll Out”.

Estelle brings to light the common sticking points where projects commonly fail and explains in adown to earth manner. This globally recognised implementation expert shares what to look out forwhen developing your own project and the key areas needed to develop a successful project.


Kath McKinzie  

– CEO at FIRE UP Coaching, Accredited Mater Coach, Leading Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner NLP, HBDI Practitioner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Passionate Entrepreneur 


Estelle O’Callaghan

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