Season 1, Episode 2

Wellbeing and Resilience in a time of need


Listen in as we chat with one of our great FIRE UP Graduates Cynthia Maloney and the amazing work she is doing supporting rural leaders to thrive through coaching and her new book Cultivate – How Neuroscience and Well-being Support Rural Leaders to Thrive.  

Join in as these two inspiring individuals discuss the importance of well-being in the current climate and what it takes to step up and survive as a leader when times are tough. An episode that is a timely reminder on building resilience and how to be at your best as a leader.  


Kath McKinzie  

– CEO at FIRE UP Coaching, Accredited Mater Coach, Leading Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner NLP, HBDI Practitioner, Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Passionate Entrepreneur 


Cynthia Maloney 

 – Leadership consultant, Coach, Author, Keynote speaker, Business owner 

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